Better Service and Improved Wait Times


Long line ups can be challenging to students and staff, especially during peak periods. Peak periods are usually at the beginning of a semester (September, January, May).  With almost everyone carrying a mobile device, a queue management system can provide the technology to better manage traffic, reduce wait times, and help increase the time staff can spend providing services to students.

QLess is York University’s new virtual line management tool that enables you to reserve a spot in a student service line remotely. You can join the QLess virtual line in several ways:

  • with your text enabled mobile phone
  • using the QLess app, or
  • from an onsite kiosk equipped with internet and a laptop or PC.

Virtual line management is currently being used at the following locations:

  • Admissions Client Services: Bennett Centre for Student Services third floor
  • Registrarial Services : Bennett Centre for Student Services main floor
  • Lassonde School of Engineering: The Bergeron Centre lobby
  • Academic Advising Services, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies: Ross Building, Central Square Room 103

Each location has internet equipped onsite kiosks, as well as student service representatives available to help you learn this new tool.

Each location is equipped with a display board so you can track your position in line if you are on site.

Once you are in the virtual line, QLess will send you text updates with estimated wait times and your position in the line, so you know when to get to the office.

QLess will help to significantly reduce in-person line ups through a real-time solution that turns physical lines into virtual ones and help you to manage your time.

By joining the virtual line, you can choose to wait anywhere on campus.

Let QLess help you manage your time! Join the virtual line!




York’s virtual line management system-QLess is secure. All information collected by QLess is stored in Canada. If you have questions, please email

QLess Privacy Statement